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Challenge: Eight Point Star

Due Date: May 2014 Meeting


(Example of Eight Point Star)

This challenge is based on the Leila Adam book, Tile Designs: More Than 100 Ready-to-Use Tiling Patterns, which is in the CPQlibrary. It can also be found used, very inexpensively;ISBN1-55407-485-1 or 978-1-55407-485-3. The book was actually designed for laying tile, but since it’s all squares and half-square triangles, it adapts easily to quilting.

The author adapted many designs she observed in the Middle East, especially of Islamic art. A feature common to many of them is the eight-point star formed by superimposing one square on another, rotated 45 degrees.

Please download the full challenge to see the examples.


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Quilting Challenge: Foreign Lands

This challenge is to choose a foreign country and interpret it in a quilt. Some of you are world travelers, and others may have a place you’ve always wanted to visit.. And as we are a great nation of immigrants, almost everyone will have at least one ancestral homeland.

Your country must be an entity currently recognized as a nation, or a sub-part thereof (for example, Wales in the United Kingdom or Catalonia in Spain).  Since Native American tribes predate the United States, and have a legal status in the U.S. equivalent to that of foreign countries., I will allow the choice of a Native American tribe. But, choices NOT allowed include the Confederate States of America, the Republic of Texas, the Kingdom of Hawaii, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

There are no size restrictions for this challenge, but the quilt must include both pieced and appliqued elements. It will be due at the December meeting.

– Barbara


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