Don’t Be Square Challenge

This challenge has two components: 1) use a non-square block, and 2) have as its theme something to do with music.

1) Let’s try to step out of the mindset that all quilt blocks have to be square. Non-square blocks include as possibilities rectangles (but not half-square rectangles…that’s too easy), triangles (equilateral or isosceles, but not half-square trianges), diamonds and hexagons. Some non-square blocks like circles, pentagons, or octagons won’t join to other blocks without additional blocks involved; unless you love complicated piecing, I would avoid these, and you cannot applique a circle (or anything else) onto a square to use for this challenge. (Nor can you add corner triangles to a regular octagon to make a square). The non-square blocks do not have to comprise the entire quilt in themselves — they coulde for example, be a background for applique or a substantial border around a center block or applique (I mean here, not just a collection of stacked rectangles as a border, be a bit more creative) — but they should be at least a significant part of the quilt. If the non-square block has to form an edge (as in a border), it is okay to trim it at the edge to make a straight line. (But don’t trim all of your non-square blocks so as to make them into square blocks!).

2) The quilt should have something — could be anything — to do with music. For example, you could quote or interpret lines of a song, applique a musical instrument, or just use some music-themed fabric. This is open ended — just be prepared to explain the connection to music.

The challenge is due at the June meeting!!

Notes from our July
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