January 2017 Challenge: Spots in my Log Cabin

Challenge: Spots in my Log Cabin
Challenger: Cleo Ward
Due Date: June 2017 Potluck Meeting

My challenge to you is to take a traditional log cabin block and alter or adapt it in a new way. Log Cabin includes a whole family of strip pieced blocks, including Barn Raising, Streak of Lightning, Courthouse Steps, Whitehouse Steps, and literally hundreds of others. You may change the structure, play with value, omit a part, add something, or whatever you choose.  You must be able to explain how your work relates to the traditional block.

The second part of the challenge is to use some polka dot fabric in your piece.  It needs to be more than just a tiny obscure square or strip; it should be a contributing fabric to the overall design.

Your challenge piece may consist of one, several or many blocks.  There are no size restrictions.

This will be due at the June potluck guild meeting.  Enjoy!

Download PDF Version of the Challenge

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