January Challenge: Denim & Lace

Challenge: Denim & Lace
Challenger: Lisa Anderson
Due Date: July 2021 Meeting

If you happen to have some old doilies you don’t know what to do with, or handkerchiefs with lace that you treasure but never use, or table napkins that are too pretty to use, or extra lace from bridal gowns or old clothes, or….. any other lace.  (I happen to have quite a lot of this kind of stuff.)  And the lace doesn’t have to be  old!!!  Quilt shops have lace!!!

Also if you happen to have old, frayed denim jeans or pieces of denim, now you can put them to use!!!    (Spoiler Alert  –  It doesn’t have to be “real” denim).

Then this is the challenge for you….

There are so many beautiful blue and white quilts and so many great quilters in Cotton Patch… I hope that some of you will be inspired to make a blue and white quilt with the slightly different fabrics described below. 

Challenge Rules

1.         Your quilt may be of any size and may be either a “traditional” or “art” quilt, (or    even a bag, if you want to make something really practical).

2.         Materials

                        The lace should be light in color (white, cream, ecru (is that the word?),                             ivory, etc.

                        Actual denim, used or new, is good.  Equally good are fabrics that have a                           similar color to denim (a somewhat darkish blue, not a pastel.)

                        You may use small amounts of additional (nondominant) colors.

                        Any kinds of small embellishments (decorative stitches, beads, buttons,                             etc.) are welcome but not required. 

3.         The purpose of this challenge is to create a blue and white quilt that showcases      the beauty of your lace.


If you have any questions about the challenge, you may email or call  me. 

Lisa Anderson

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