July 2016 Challenge: Say It With Flowers

Challenge: Say It With Flowers
Challenger: Cleo Ward
Due Date: December 2016 Pot-luck Meeting

The challenge to you is to include text in a quilt.  Words may be printed, appliqued (any method), stamped, written by hand, printed by computer, stitched or any other method that you may think of. To fulfill the challenge, you must apply the words yourself; using commercial fabric that has writing as part of its design will not count.

You must also use at least three floral fabrics in your quilt.

There is no size requirement other than the upper limit.  All sides of the quilt  added together should not exceed 160 inches.  It may be as small as you wish.

This will be due at the December guild pot-luck. Enjoy!

Download an Acrobat PDF Version of the Challenge


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