November Workshop: Patti Hempen’s Free Form Symmetry

Instructor: Patti Hempen
Workshop title:  Free Form Symmetry
Date:  Saturday, November 8, 2014
Time: 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Costs: To Be Determined
Where: Lyndon Arts House Fiber Room
How to Register: Contact Linda Zacker

Download PDF version of the supply list here

Patti_Hempen_Class1 Patti_Hempen_Class2

“BASKET OF BLOOMS”  50”x50” (127cm x 127cm) Supply list

Artist / Designer: Patti Hempen – 2011
IMPORTANT NOTES – Read carefully:

Take into consideration that my quilt was made with a large light gray polka dot background and bordered with a floral print.

My quilt is 42” long (106.68cm) and 38” wide; (96.52cm) however, being that we are all unique and do things differently, I think it is wise to buy too much than too little, so I am giving you generous calculations which are enough for a 50”x50” piece (127cm x 127cm).

Background fabric:

For a center that is approximately 40” square (101.6cm), 1-1/2 yards (137.16cm) of light or very mottled print to enhance your flowers, remembering that your flowers need to be the “STARS” of the show.

Focus fabric – for flowers: Read carefully – important.

For this project, I recommend a dense, bright and colorful print with a repeat of no less than 6-8” (15.24cm – 20.32cm) with minimal background showing through. Too much background will take away from your design and overwhelm your quilt. You can purchase any repeat size over 8” (20.32cm); however, any repeat size over 8” (20.32cm) will be wasted unless you plan to use it again. It is very important that when you purchase this fabric that you be certain that you have received no less than 8 repeats or your project will not work.

If it sounds confusing, to explain it another way, fabric usually comes folded in half lengthwise. Without unfolding, lay the entire length of the folded piece of fabric out in front of you. Starting at the left side with the selvage edge toward you, pick out a flower or motif and see if you can find the same one 9 times along that length that faces you. As an example:
__x_____x_____x_____x_____x_____x_____x_____x_____x, so you should have 9 of the same flower or motif along the selvage side that faces you and if you don’t, you don’t have enough.

Background fabric:

For a center that is approximately 40” square, (101.6cm) to 1-1/2 yards (137.16cm) of light or very mottled print to enhance your flowers, remembering that your flowers need to be the “STARS” of the show.

Other fabric using fat quarters (each fat quarter is 45.72cm x 55.88cm):

Petals for 8 flowers: 8 fat quarters (each at 45.72cm x 55.88cm) to
Co-ordinate with focus flower fabric)
Leaves and stems: 1 fat quarter (45.72cm x 55.88cm) for dark green print
1 fat quarter (45.72cm x 55.88cm) for light green print
Vase or basket: 1 fat quarter (45.72cm x 55.88cm) color of your choice
Heart: One 6” square (15.24cm x 15.24cm) – color of choice

“BASKET OF BLOOMS”  50”x50” – (127cm x 127cm) Supply List

Border fabric:
To make a 5” (12.7cm) finished border around a 40” (101.6cm) square piece, you will need 1 yard (91.44cm) – this will make at least six 5.5” (13.97cm) strips and will be plenty to go around.
Backing fabric:                58” x 58” (minimum) (147.32cm x 147.32cm)
Batting:                           58” x 58” (minimum) (147.32cm x 147.32cm)
Binding:                           3/4 yard (60.96cm) for 7 strips at 2.25” (5.715cm)
(This will give you more than you need.)

Other items:
Thread:  Matching or contrasting threads for blanket-stitching around all motifs.
Fusible: 5 yards of 12” wide Lite Steam-a-Seam-II (or comparable (457.2cm) x (30.48cm).
Embellishments: Your choice.
Templates:                        I will provide all the templates.

Sewing machine
Sewing machine needles and bobbins
Open toe foot and foot for zigzag|
Straight stitch foot and plate for seaming
Stabilizer for machine appliqué – I recommend Ricky Tims’ Stable Stuff, but you can choose what you like.
1 – 45-degree angle ruler or comparable (best to use is one with blunt tip)
24” (60.96cm) ruler
Rotary cutter with extra very sharp blades
Scissors – sharp
Seam ripper
Mechanical pencil for fine, accurate tracing
Flat head (flower type straight pins) are a must
Curved safety pins for basting quilt sandwich
Teflon sheet for pressing
Extension cord
Cutting board
CHOCOLATE:  All you can eat 🙂


Description: Experience the freedom, elegance, beauty, and simplicity of Free-Form Symmetry, a wonderful concept that lends itself to teaching students that they can actually design without knowing how to “draw.  Each student’s final product will be completely different from anyone else’s. I will take the “fear factor” out of designing!  The best part? Everyone will go home a WINNER and they’re like potato chips – “you can’t make just one!”

Cutting mat
Rotary cutter
Scissors: Small, sharp 4″ scissors for cutting paper and template plastic
24″ ruler
Mechanical pencil
Good eraser
2 large sheets of template plastic
10-12 sheets of copy paper
Scotch tape
Teflon sheet for fusing
3 yards of fusible (Lite Steam-a-Seam II preferred)
Contrasting threads
Sewing machine with open toe for zig-zag and open plate for zig-zag

Suggested fabrics

Background – 1-1/4 yards (this can be plain or mottled used with textured or printed fabric for the kaleidoscope pieces or vice versa….a textured or printed background with plain or mottled kaleidoscope pieces.

1/2 yard of 5-6 high contrast fabrics to enhance background

Appropriate length of fabric for border and binding (this will be determined by the size of the quilt you want to make.

And, last but not least……..don’t forget your chocolate :-0

Artist / Designer:             Patti Hempen – Copyright May 2011

Download PDF version of the supply list here


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