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March Workshop: Elizabeth Barton Art Quilt Design

Workshop title: Art Quilt Design
March 11th from 12 noon -5:15 pm (Community room)
March 12th  from 9:15 am  – 4:15 pm (Fiber room)

Where: Lyndon Arts House
How to Register:  Contact Linda Zacker
General workshop information can be found in the Workshop Information area.

Elizabeth Barton will be our guest speaker at our March meeting on Tuesday, March 11th. The topic will be From Inspiration to Quilt.    For more information on Elizabeth, please visit her website.

Workshop Supply List
Get a binder and fill it with protective sleeves and get ready to start collecting pictures now!!!

Please come to the workshop with different types of pictures as outlined below.
1. Pictures, paintings or photographs that you wish to base your quilt(s) on
2.  3-6 photocopies of paintings you admire of the same subject e.g. if you want to make a quilt about trees, bring your tree photo(s) plus 3-6 paintings of trees by excellent painters such as Constable or Kahn.
3. color inspiration pictures e.g. paintings or natural scenes whose colors are gorgeous!

Plain paper for  sketches and notes.
Tracing paper.
Sheet protectors (10-12) to preserve your designs.
Ruler, pen, pencil. Pencil sharpener.
A few colored pencils or felt pens.  A light grey, a medium or dark grey and a black felt tip pen is very helpful for value studies.

A piece of base fabric upon which to build your quilt – you can use a light weight interfacing too (non fusible is safer!)

¼ yard (or so) of  at least 25-50 fabrics that are either solid colors (hand dyes are fine) or have a nondescript  print…the colors should be similar to those of  the color inspiration picture you chose.  Be sure to have a good range of values – from very light to very dark.

If your main colors (for example) are to be yellow and purple, bring lots of different yellows and purples.

If you’re a Very Quick Worker: Batting or flannel (sufficient for your quilt(s)),  fabric for quilt back., and basting thread or safety pins. 

Construction tools
Rotary cutter, board, rotary ruler guides, spare blade – or scissors.
Marking pencil (white charcoal is good)  (or silver) for marking fabric for cutting.
Freezer paper (if you prefer to make templates, otherwise don’t bother).
Sewing machine in good working order ( if you are a fast worker and want to start machining, if you are happy with  pinning, basting or hand stitching you can do without a machine).

Usual sewing supplies: thread, needles, pins, scissors.

An acrobat PDF version of this supply list is available for download.

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