Workshop: November, Bowl Making 101 with Fay Rawl & Sherry Paul

Workshop: Bowl Making 101
Taught by:  Fay Rawls and Sherry Paul
Date: Saturday, November 11, 2017
Time: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Guild Member Cost: $10 
Non-Member Cost: $25
Where: Green Acres Baptist Church
Signup Contact: Sheila Shepherd 

Please signup before the October Meeting!

Instructions and supply list for Bowl Making 101
Bring lunch or you may purchase lunch near by the church.

  • Sewing Machine in good working order with zigzag stitch, applique foot or zigzag foot
  • General sewing supplies, (pins, scissors, sewing machine needles, stylist, thread, instruction book for your machine, etc…)
  • 80 or 90 Universal needle, blue jean needle works well also
  • Glue stick
  • Thread of your choice, I use embroidery thread – Isacord polyester 40,
  • Cotton clothesline cording with stability, (Mainstay @ Walmart, 100 ft pkg, 3/16”)
  • 1 yd of fabric for a large bowl or ¾ yd for a small or med bowl/basket
    • You can use fat quarters also, strips need to no wider than ½” to ¾’ wide and now longer than 18 inches.
  • 11 yards of cording wrapped before class

Use ½ to ¾ inch strips no longer than 18 inches to wrap your cording before class.

  • Attach first strip with glue stick 1/4” above cording to start and hold with straight pin
  • Wrap your first strip at a slight angle to cover cording
  • Attach second strip with glue stick and continue wrapping
  • Repeat until cording is covered.

(Batik fabrics don’t fray, but you may like the fray)

Eleven to 12 yards of cording to make a good size bowl.

The church door will be open at 9:00, we would like to get started by 9:30.

Please remember to bring extension cords.

We will have a cutting area and ironing area set up. Please come prepared and ready to go.

We are looking forward to sharing our bowl making experience with you.

Sherry Paul and Fay Rawls

Books you my like –
It’s a Wrap I by Susan Breier
It’s a Wray II by Susan Breier
Sewing Pottery by Barbara Warholic

You may also like to search on Pinterest for clothes line bowls.


Come by College Stations Rd to Barnett Shoals Rd, take a left at the light, go to next light and turn right, continue to back of church, and enter at the glass doors on the side. Signs will be at entry.

Download a PDF of this information

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