Charity Bee Raffle Quilt Instructions

Please contact Ellen Nelson or Carol Ann Burns for all questions.

Downbload Acrobat PDF Version of the Half Square Triangle here. 

The Charity Bee would love your help AGAIN on another raffle quilt.  This time it is for one of our Charities that would like to use it to raise funds.  They would like to receive the finished quilt  in the Spring of 2017 and raffle it during the fall of 2017.  The only special request is that we use fall colors, and you know what those are.  We would rather you use shades of beige and cream for your lightest color that would otherwise be white, but light colors of other fall colors would be great.  Here’s what we need:

 Half Square Triangles:
   Use two blocks that are 5” x 5”. Use one dark or medium block and one lighter block.  Stack the two blocks face to face and draw a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner.  (See A) 

   Stitch two stitching lines-(one on each side) 1/4” away from your marked line.  (See B)

   Cut the blocks in half along the drawn line giving you two half square blocks.  Open and press the seam toward  the darker fabric.  (See C)  

Figure A






Figure B






Figure C







The second block that we need is a Four Patch Block.

Use 4 blocks that are 4” x 4”.  Mix dark, medium and or light colored fabrics.  Arrange the blocks the way you want the finished block to look.  (See 1)

   Stack the right and left blocks on top of each other with right sides facing.  (See 2)

  Stitch along one edge (left side, for instance) of both stacks 1/4” from the edge of each stack.  (See 3)

   Stack the 2 sets of stitched blocks on top of each other with right sides facing.  (See 4)

  Check to make sure that the seams of the two sets of blocks meet in the middle so that you do not see a “jog” in the seam that will be sewn,.  Pin the blocks together and stitch 1/4” from the edge along both blocks.  (See 5)

   Open your stitched block and press the seams and push the seams in the center which will loosen those middle stitches allowing them to come out and open up and lie flat when’d pressed.  (See 6)

   Press (Pick up the iron and place it on the block.  Do not move it around; that will stretch the fabric) the block.  Turn the block over and press the front side.  (See 7)

Figure 1






Figure 2






Figure 3






Figure 4






Figure 5






Figure 6






Figure 7





You do NOT need to trim any of the blocks that you make.  We’ll trim them to the sizes we need.  We will be happy to accept as many of the two types of blocks described above as you have time or energy to complete.  We will take them anytime you can get them to any of the Charity Group and you can certainly bring them to the February Guild meeting on February 14.  We will take them after that date if you can’t get them done by then.  We know you’ll probably be busy making items for the boutique for the Quilt Show!!!


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